Great Shape! Spotlight: Salli-Jo Walker

Our 1000 Smiles superstar, Salli-Jo Walker, was featured in the Jamaica Gleaner for all the amazing work she does for Great Shape! and 1000 Smiles. Big Up, Salli-Jo! Your heart and your spirit always inspire us! #OneLove

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1000 Smiles: Success in St. Lucia!

After years of planning and dreaming, our Great Shape! team finally fulfilled our vision of delivering free dental care on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. Thanks to our incredible partnership with The Sandals Foundation, Great Shape!’s 1000 Smiles is expanding our reach even farther, caring for more than 500 St. Lucians!

With permission from the St. Lucian Ministry of Health, our volunteers provided free root canals, sealants, cleanings, extractions, fluoride, x-rays, fillings and exams in two separate communities: Marchand and Canaries.

 With great skill and joyful hearts we…

  • Served 507 people: 327 adults and 180 children
  • Provided 1,481 services: 482 exams, 284 fillings, 146 cleanings, 178 extractions, 382 sealants, and 9 root canals.
  • Provided free services at a value of $150,000 USD.
  • Served 75 team members at Sandals Regency La Toc.

The entire project ran smoothly and efficiently thanks to our experienced team of staff, the awesome team at Sandals Resorts, our dedicated volunteers and the bright, joyful attitude of the St. Lucian people.

There are so many joy moments from our trip that make us smile, including a young woman named Melanie who came in with 5 blackened, half-decayed front teeth. Once the incredible Dr. Hansen finished his artistry, Melanie was overwhelmed with joy at the sight of her new, beautiful, smile! These joy moments alone make all the hard work worth it!


We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve in St. Lucia. The people of St. Lucia captured our hearts and ignited our spirits!

As the Caribbean Proverb goes – “Lickle but we tallah.” We’re small but we’re strong!


Great Shape! Having Great Success in Jamaica


Jamaican Teachers Embrace Innovative Techniques

Great Shape! Inc. and the Sandals Foundation Offer Free Professional Development

Teachers from across Jamaica are in customized workshops this week and next week to help them improve literacy and computer skills in their home schools. Great Shape! Inc., in partnership with the Sandals Foundation, is offering these free workshops so that Jamaican teachers can take advantage of collaboration with dozens of international teachers. There are still spaces available! And we would love to further spread the word and invite other teachers to benefit.

Manning’s School in Savanna La Mar is hosting Great Shape! Inc.’s Teach the Teachers initiative from August 3 – 14, 2015. Teach the Teachers first started conducting computer workshops with Jamaican teachers five years ago, this year, Great Shape! added two other focus areas: behavioral management (classroom management) and language arts. The 35 volunteers all specialize in innovative teaching techniques to enhance curriculum in language arts and computers.

This is an award-winning program, praised by the Jamaican Ministry of Education. The project provides resources, volunteers, and training for Jamaican educators. Theclasses include computer instruction and projects from beginning phases through advanced hardware, literacy enrichment techniques, and systems for more positive behavioral and classroom management.

Great Shape! Inc.’s Teach the Teachers volunteers have been based at Green Island High School and Grange Hill in the past, this is the first year to work from Manning’s School. The Sandals Foundation has long served as Great Shape!’s number one partner.

Great Shape! Inc. has been leading humanitarian projects in Jamaica since 1988: dental care (1000 Smiles), literacy projects (SuperKids), and vision care (iCARE). Teach the Teachers launched in Jamaica in 2011.


Best regards,

Jervene Simpson

Public Relations Manager

Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa

P.O Box 5000, Whitehouse

Westmoreland | Jamaica | W. I


Great Shape! Inc: Brighter Smiles in St. Lucia

The largest international humanitarian dental project is expanding its reach even farther by traveling to St. Lucia for the first time EVER!

Great Shape! will soon be venturing to St. Lucia, Jamaica with the 1000 smiles program and we couldn’t be more excited! 1000 smiles works with hundreds of volunteers every year to bring free dental care to Caribbean families: volunteers will provide fillings, dentures, extractions, cleanings, sealants, and education. Great Shape! is blessed to have an ongoing partnership with the Sandals Foundation, who will provide all accommodations, food, entertainment, and continued support. Executive Director Joe Wright and the leadership team are already in St. Lucia setting up clinics and our amazing volunteers will join them on the 24th. The trek won’t only enhance dental hygiene and education in St. Lucia; it will also brighten the lives of our volunteers and families. We will be counting down the days until we can see the inspirational smiles of our St. Lucian friends!

Check back to hear more about our exciting adventure!






Wednesday Smiles!


Marko & The Escort Service Bring Their Vibes to Ashland


The talented and dynamic Marko & the Escort Service will also be bringing their Reggae spark to our Benefit Concert in Ashland, OR, June 19th!

When lead singer, Marko, was asked about his history with Great Shape!’s Reggae concert, he shared, “Reggae music came into my life around age 11, and Great Shape!, just a couple years later! I fell head over heals in love with everything about Reggae and knew I wanted to peruse a life in it! Reggae music is such a strong and positive force and I am very happy to be able to add my two cents to the genre. I’m very exited about the Great Shape! Fundraiser, as always, because I have been to Jamaica with the team and see how the money we raise at this event really improves the lives of so many people in Jamaica. It’s a very beautiful thing that Great Shape! does and it’s been my honor and pleasure to be working with them for over half of my life!”

Thank you, Marko, for joining us once again and letting your light shine through music.

We all hope to see YOU at our Benefit Concert: June 19th, 2015!  5-9 PM

Grizzly Peak Winery, Ashland, OR.

Buy your tickets today! Buy five, get one free:


Great Shape! Reggae Concert: Rising Son

Rising Son_Blog 2015

The awesome and talented Rising Son is dropping some sweet, reggae beats at our Benefit Concert on June 19th in Ashland, OR!

“We are excited to share our music in support of the mission of Great Shape! Inc. Providing access to education and healthcare for over 40,000 people each year is a massive endeavor. As such, we are happy to support the hundreds of volunteers who lend themselves to this amazing work. To be able to give back to the children and families of Jamaica is a true honor. We are all deeply inspired by the music and culture of Jamaica. This is reflected in our music and in our lives. We are forever grateful for the people of Jamaica and the many treasures they have shared with the world. Among them is perhaps the greatest concept with the potential to bring peace, stability and higher consciousness to our world…One Love” – Rising Son

We hope to see YOU at our Benefit Concert!

June 19th, 2015

5 PM – 9 PM

Grizzly Peak Winery, Ashland, OR.

Buy your tickets today! Buy five, get one free:

Another Intern Joins the Great Shape! Inc. Family


It is with great excitement that I say hello to you via cyberspace and share that I am the newest intern with Let It Shine Media, focusing on Great Shape! Inc.

My name is Liv Schneider and I’m a junior at Gonzaga University majoring in Public Relations and double-minoring in English and Promotions. I’m leaving my rainy hometown of Portland, OR this summer for new adventures and beginnings in Spokane. After living abroad last semester in Florence, Italy, I’ve returned to Gonzaga super-charged for a jam-packed year of connection-making and personal discernment.

At Gonzaga, I get to converse with donors as a student caller for Telefund, Gonzaga’s scholarship procurement program, plus I get to nurture students as co-coordinator for Gonzaga’s Reality Camp, a pre-orientation program providing service immersion for incoming students!

I’m especially excited by both dialogue and action surrounding global social justice. I have two upcoming trips, with Gonzaga students, to both New York and D.C. to talk with other students about social change. It’s my personal goal to step beyond just conversation and create positive action to eventually inspire change in our world. It is my firm belief that connections can heal brokenness, which is one of the major reasons I get so pumped about being in the field of PR.

When I’m not focused on school and developing my PR craft, I like to lead an ever-changing way of life. I live an active life in search of laughter and authentic connection. Let It Shine inspires people to be their most brilliant, best selves every day, and Great Shape! Inc. provides the opportunity to step into action. It is with great joy that I now speak on behalf of this inspiring force!

The Newest Face in the Family!


Hello! My name is Sarah Wainschel and I’m the newest intern in the Great Shape! and Let It Shine Community. I am beyond excited to join the team and can’t wait to start promoting Great Shape! through social media, fundraising events and public relations.

I’m a born and raised California girl who somehow found her way to the beautiful city of Spokane, Washington. There’s nothing I love more than a Spokane spring followed by a beautiful California summer. I’m a current junior at Gonzaga University and am working toward a degree in public relations with a minor in advertising. I fell in love with the communications field after my very first semester at Gonzaga and haven’t looked back since! I interned at Spokane HOPE School this past semester and hope to continue helping those in need through my work with Great Shape! and Let It Shine.

Some of my biggest passions in life include writing about anything and everything, reading great books, taking the occasional dance class, and drinking way too much coffee. I also caught a bit of a travel bug after studying abroad in Florence, Italy this past fall. My time abroad opened my eyes to the different cultures, customs and needs of people around the world, which makes me even more excited to work with Great Shape! and help serve the people of Jamaica.

I’m so thrilled to start this journey with Great Shape! and can’t wait to see where it takes me!

QOTD: “Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you”- Joel Osteen

This photograph was taken by a Great Shape! Inc. volunteer in #Jamaica! arPp2