Hurricane Matthew Delays 1000 Smiles Dental Project

Hurricane Matthew has now turned into a category 3 hurricane and on track to hit the eastern tip of Jamaica. There is a strong possibility that Ocho Rios, which is the area we will be working in next week, will be significantly affected. Therefore, Sandals Resorts International and the Sandals Foundation have asked Great Shape! Inc. to advise all volunteers to delay arrival until Tuesday, October 4th. 

DO NOT come to Jamaica on Saturday, October 1st as planned. The hotels are going into skeleton hurricane operation mode. 

At this point, you have two options:

1) Elect to cancel your trip this year and receive a project fee waiver from Great Shape! in another year.


2) Contact your airline and re-book your ticket for Tuesday arrival, if possible. Given the purpose of your trip and the oncoming hurricane we are hopeful the airlines will be understanding in waiving any change fees. It’s common practice for airlines to have a hurricane policy that allows customers to re-book without fees if they can explain why their trip has been cancelled. Volunteers should call their airlines and let them know their project is being delayed until Tuesday therefore their scheduled arrival has been cancelled. If you are unable to persuade the airlines in changing your fees Great Shape will reimburse each volunteer up to $150 in change fees upon presentation of receipt. If you are re-booking and have flexibility in your schedule Sandals said that you can stay until Tuesday, October 11th

If the damage is so extensive that it makes the trip impractical or impossible (no electricity, hotel closures, lack of water, road damage, etc.) for a Tuesday arrival, then we will have to cancel altogether. Therefore we are delaying now but not guaranteeing we won’t have to eventually cancel the trip. 

Our sincerest apologies that we have to delay the trip at this point. Right now of utmost concern is keeping our volunteers, Great Shape! staff, Sandals personnel, and all of our friends and family on the island safe! 

We still remain hopeful that we’ll be able to serve patients next week… it just will be an abbreviated week.

Passionate & Vibrant Interns WANTED



Looking for a fulfilling and fun internship? We’ve got the perfect position for YOU!

APPLY TODAY to be a Public Relations intern for Great Shape! Inc. / Let It Shine Media – non-profit organizations creating great inspiration right here in Spokane, WA!

Foster skills in social media marketing, traditional PR campaigns, blog writing, website management, and public speaking while working to promote a great cause.

Great Shape! Inc., a non-profit humanitarian organization, is dedicated to preserving the well-being of the Caribbean through its annual volunteer programs held in Jamaica and St. Lucia.

Let It Shine Media, a communications and Public Relations firm, fosters clients’ abilities to speak well, lead well, and experience “JoyTude” while nurturing their line of work.

Contact Lucinda Kay at for application information.


SuperKids Needs YOU

Interested in joining the Great Shape! Inc. family and serving in Jamaica?

Apply today to be a part of our 2016 SuperKids literacy project. Read on to learn more about how YOU can get involved! We need your talent, passion, and expertise to carry this project to great success.

Teach the Teachers Creates Lasting Impacts

There aren’t enough words to describe just how incredible it is to see our work come to life.

As Teach the Teachers 2016 has come to an end, it’s the simplest things that remind us just how inspired this year’s trip really was.

From impacting Jamaican educators to creating lifelong relationships and memories, we return from each volunteer excursion reminded of the mission of Great Shape! Inc.- to serve all, love all, and join together to create one family.

Below you’ll find a photo of feedback we received from our partner teachers in Jamaica. The inspiration we are able to instill upon one individual is enough to motivate GS!I Inc. for years to come.

Here’s to a successful TtT 2016!

SuperKids: Facts & Familial Love


Read on to learn more about our upcoming SuperKids 2016 literacy enhancement project!

On October 28th, Great Shape! Inc. will travel to Negril, Jamaica to complete the organization’s annual SuperKids volunteer literacy enhancement project. The project runs for a period of two weeks, the first October 28th to November 6th and the second November 5th to November 14th. 65 volunteers are selected and required to pay for travel and a project fee only; creating a total price range around $750USD + airfare. Provided by the Sandals Foundation, volunteer housing at the Sandals Resorts, amenities, entertainment, and food are provided for volunteers at no cost.

SuperKids volunteers will provide instructional literacy enrichment programs related to Language Arts/Reading, Computer Skills, Music, Sports, and Art to 1st-6th grade students in four Westmoreland/Hanover Parish primary schools around Negril, Jamaica. Georgene Crowe is one of Great Shape! Inc.’s three female founders. Crowe’s passion for serving Jamaica inspires Great Shape! Inc. volunteers. “We are all called to serve,” Crowe says. “I am blessed Great Shape! Is one of my “callings” and I do give thanks and praise.” As Great Shape! Inc. consistently hopes to create family both in the United States and Jamaica, Crowe serve as an exemplary testament to the dedicated passion each Great Shape! Inc. volunteer exhibits.

Great Shape! Inc.’s 2016 SuperKids project provides volunteers with the opportunity to serve, travel, and inspire. SuperKids serves rural Caribbean areas where the literacy rate rests at a mere 40%. Volunteers contribute to providing the essential resources needed to restore the Jamaican school systems. The SuperKids project allows individuals from all age groups, backgrounds, and geographic areas to experience cultural immersion and life changing fulfillment.

Great Shape! Inc.’s mission is dedicated to caring for the Caribbean through incredible volunteer excursions. While traveling and serving abroad, Great Shape! Inc. is proud to help Jamaica achieve the highest good. Crowe says, “Jamaica is a gift I received in 1986.”

Great Shape! Inc. empowers the children and families of Jamaica and the Caribbean by providing access to education and health care.

For more information about Great Shape! Inc. and how you can become a SuperKids volunteer, please visit or contact Lucinda Kay at

BIG UP to Eric Bell’s ‘Word on the Street’ Food Truck

The food truck business is a booming aspect of the restaurant industry. People of all ages have jumped on the train- the food truck train, that is, to experience mobile cuisine at its finest.

From pizza to crepes, you can find just about any type of palette pleasing food to appease that hungry stomach. But we’ve found a truck that satisfies our stomach and our heart all in one bite.

Meet Eric Bell- the owner and founder of Word on the Street, a fish taco truck based in Ashland, Oregon. He’s a man with a vision and desire to produce quality food with a heartfelt purpose.

With Bell’s effervescent spirit in tow, it’s hard to miss the eccentric and inviting automobile better known as Word on the Street. Whether it’s cruising by or parked to serve eager customers, the truck’s hand drawn mermaid decor makes it a fierce delight for all ages.

“I decided to have an artist paint the truck by hand, ” Bell says. “I think it’s really beautiful.”

As a chef looking for a new venture, Bell decided to purchase the truck only a few months ago to cultivate his passion for sustainable dining. Better yet, Word on the Street serves strictly non-GMO food and sustainable seafood. This palpable devotion to good eats creates the most delicious fish tacos that a food truck business could possibly muster.

“The Monterey Bay Aquarium contacted me for using sustainable food choices,” Bell says. “Now I’ll join their Seafood Watch Program and be on their list of people who support the Seafood Watch.”

Along with its crave-worthy appetite fusions, Word on the Street dishes up ample amounts of charitable works rooted in Bell’s passion to give back. Working closely with non-profit organizations gives Word on the Street a unique flavor- a dash of tasty food mixed with a whole lot of love.

“What the truck is and does is a lot like helping a non-profit,” says Bell. “I don’t have to serve sustainable foods but I do. People who eat at my truck believe in it too.”

And we’ve seen Bell’s dedicated spirit take flight! On July 4th, we were proud to partner with Word on the Street for Ashland’s 4th of July Parade & Celebration in Lithia Park. Just like Great Shape! Inc., Word on the Street puts its mission to inspire, change, and impact at the forefront of its endeavors.

Just take a look at Word on the Street’s mission statement:

“Word on the Street is a local food revolution that is DRIVEN to find people that believe in the same things we do.” 

Simple, rich, inspiring…A direct reflection of what Bell’s business is able to produce.

After only a few short months in business, Bell says it’s the passion and determination of his work that keep Word on the Street on its steady incline.

“It’s good to help others,” says Bell. “It’s good to show up in the world.”

For more information on Word on the Street, visit their facebook page or Instagram @wordonthestreetfood.

Teach the Teachers: Facts & Educational Inspiration

Read on to learn more about our Teach the Teachers 2016 project!

On July 29th, Great Shape! Inc. traveled to Whitehouse, Jamaica to complete the organization’s annual Teach the Teachers project. The project runs for a period of two weeks, the first July 29th to August 7th and the second August 6th to August 15th.

Teach the Teachers volunteers are currently working with Jamaican grades K-6th educators and principals to provide a variety of resources, skills, and training to enhance their craft and bring quality learning experiences to students. Instructional enrichment programs related to Language Arts, Reading, Behavioral Management, and Computer Skills are provided by our incredible volunteers.

Great Shape! Inc.’s 2016 Teach the Teachers project allows volunteers the opportunity to serve, travel, and inspire. Teach the Teachers, an award-winning program, is greatly praised by the Jamaican Ministry of Education. Volunteers contribute to providing the essential resources needed to restore the Jamaican school systems. Overall, Teach the Teachers enables individuals from all age groups, backgrounds, and geographic areas to experience cultural immersion and life changing fulfillment.

We are more than proud of the work we’ve accomplished and anxiously await what’s to come! Be sure to track this year’s TtT progress on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).



Health & Happiness Through Service


Health and happiness are two gifts essential to the goodness of life. GS!I Inc. is dedicated to ensuring these vital necessities are present in Jamaica and St. Lucia no matter the circumstances!

Through our great humanitarian efforts dedicated to serving the greater Caribbean, GS!I Inc. is proud to play a large role in providing health and happiness to those in need. Whether we’re caring for smiles, brightening one’s vision, enhancing education, or providing professional development training, our volunteer efforts are focused on ensuring that the lives of those we serve reach the greatest good possible.

We believe that each and every life is deserving of the utmost care imaginable. Our family welcomes any and all that wish to serve to join us in promoting the solidarity of Jamaica and St. Lucia.

Looking for a chance to find fulfillment and serve? Then JOIN US and participate in our SuperKids literacy enhancement project Oct. 28-Nov. 14, 2016 for your chance to bring incredible amounts of health and happiness to Negril, Jamaica. 

Contact us NOW at 510-893-1751, visit our website at for more detailed information, or APPLY HERE.

It’s never too late to create change. Be a part of our GS!I Inc. tradition of spreading love, light, happiness, and care!

GS!I Inc.’s Heartfelt History


A whole lot of heart, dedication, and inspired intention went into the creation of Great Shape! Inc. Read on to learn our family’s history and how we came to value the power of inspired service.

Founded in 1988, Great Shape! Inc. was created by three strong, determined, and dedicated women who shared a passion for service and the greater Caribbean community. Myrtle Franklin, Georgene Crowe, and Gretchen Lee came together to build a non-profit organization that would bring literacy programs, dental care, eye care, and teacher training projects to the communities of Jamaica and St. Lucia. Whether they were nestled in their hometowns or traveling to the Caribbean, the birth of Great Shape! Inc. required each female founder to foster unstoppable dreams and practice unwavering loyalty to serving individuals in need.

Though Franklin, Crowe, and Lee were forever inspired to serve in Jamaica, there was a greater event that sparked their interest to create Great Shape! Inc. As Hurricane Gilbert destroyed most of Jamaica in 1988, the organization’s three female co-founders wanted to rebuild what had been lost and “create family” to heal the suffering of Jamaicans. To kick start their efforts, Franklin, Crowe, and Lee threw a Reggae party in Ashland, Oregon where they obtained ample amounts of resources and supplies that would serve their efforts toward rebuilding the island. With their duffle bags in tow, Great Shape! Inc.’s fearless female founders set off to begin the first of many impactful humanitarian efforts set forth by their organization.

At the wake of Hurricane Gilbert, Franklin, Crowe, and Lee were able to help build schools, community centers, roads, and sponsor students and uniforms in 1988. This was the true beginning of Great Shape! Inc. and its efforts to restore the Caribbean community. In 2003, the program 1000 Smiles was launched by Great Shape! Inc. and became the world’s largest, international, and humanitarian dental project. 2008 then brought SuperKids on the map. Great Shape! Inc. is proud to be home to SuperKids and its efforts to enhance literacy and the building of computer labs in the Caribbean school systems. During the year 2009, Great Shape! Inc. then launched its eye-care program known as iCARE then created its Dental Sealant Project in 2010. Finally, Great Shape! Inc. launched Teach the Teachers in 2011 to bring opportunities for professional development to Jamaican teachers.

Great Shape! Inc. is truly a labor of love created by individuals whose passion to serve is unprecedented. We are more than proud to share our history and the incredible milestones it took to bring forth endless humanitarian efforts to our beloved Jamaica and St. Lucia.

Here’s to many more years of continuing our legacy of love! And to our three founders- thank you for making our love possible! 

A Volunteer Love Letter

Dear GS!I Inc. Volunteers,

From magical moments to times of challenge, we’ve seen the greatest examples of love created by YOU. Each and every one of our volunteers has the innate ability to set their needs aside to serve the betterment of others. It’s the most humbling experience to work beside your generosity and marvel in the inspired impacts you create for Jamaica.

At Great Shape! Inc., we believe in the power our volunteers hold to create family both near and far. Though our organization has found a home in the United States and the Caribbean, we’ve managed to spread love, earn love, and give love no matter where our work has taken us.

But this love is only able to fully arise through the tireless, dedicated, and passionate work of our volunteers. So this is our love letter. To our past, present, and future volunteers, we want to thank you, praise you, and let you know just how valued you are to us.

Every gesture made both small and large by our volunteers is a blessing that certainly makes a difference.

Every lesson learned and story shared along the way has made our family stronger, brighter, wiser, and a little more astute to serve.

Every ounce of love you give…Know it’s always appreciated, honored, and seen as the greatest gift.

We LOVE you! Continue to shine, give, and be a part of our tradition of One Love. We are endlessly thankful for you.  

Many thanks and blessings,

GS!I Inc.